What Makes A Great Relationship

The Teaching: All types of ingredients go into the recipe of a great relationship
ingredients for a perfect lover

The Inner World

My lover’s inner world
Dwells among untrodden ways
His dreams in the forest
Which are hidden from view
We pull forth, into the light of day

Like violets covered by mossy stones
Half hidden from inquisitive eye
His habits I learn and make positive known
So our relationship will never go a’wry


Interacting with a partner is like a dance that needs a little give and take. Intimacy requires space between the togetherness to breathe and recharge batteries. For some people, especially those who were not heard as children, they could be frightened to speak up when they get their toes stepped on, yet communication plays an important part of what make a great relationship. Understanding and using your partner’s love language and they yours, helps get both your needs met.


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