Intimacy is a Schoolhouse

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men.”
W. E. B. Du Bois

School House

Intimacy is a school house
But not for the dumb or blind
There’s lots of intimate lessons
To toll heart and mind

Painted shadows will dance and sing
Even mock if provoked
But when stripped and examined carefully
Their lessons become uncloaked

For a partner’s mirror helps you see
The upsets, fears and fragility
This learning, for great lovers to be
Helps them connect ever so deeply


First, you must heal your past, your hurts, experiences and thoughts that shape your attitudes and beliefs.
Many of these beliefs interfere with being a great lover. These beliefs are often problem areas and are called shadows.
(one example of a problem area is the imbalance of the animus & anima within us. Animus is the male and anima is the female.If a male is interested in giving up control with spankings, sucking on the feet of a woman, dressing up in woman’s clothes, being dominated, nurtured with breast feeding etc, his anima within him is not integrated)
We can transform the shadows into gifts. Let your past and your relationships be the tool to uncover your problem shadows for the benefit of your personal growth and better intimacy.

When we finally wake up, we start to uncover the meaning of our life and the reason for intimate experiences…then we attempt to discern what the lessons are. We need this understanding to advance in the schoolhouse of life. Eventually difficult lessons, no longer have to be repeated and we move up another level.

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