Coyote’s Transformation

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

The Perfect Lovers - Coyote's Transformation

Taking Responsibility

The tension was primed
Like a pimple to pop
Sounds echoed
As the coyote was hit
Falling by the roadside
And when approached
He ran off to lick his wounds
Preparing for his own transformation
As the life force was taken out

“There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.”
― J.K. Rowling

Voice of Wisdom
Reflecting on the past – HE remembered that once upon a time HE was in a car accident and HE believed HE would die. HE asked someone nearby to hold his hand for HE didn’t want to die alone…..and wanted more time so HE could begin to live out more of his potential.

Reflecting on the present – HE had been going through a bout of heartburn for months which was affecting his throat and had inquired what might be the source of his problem for he was very concerned. One day he said in a joking manner…”Ha, Ha…you can’t read me – I’ve figured it out on my own. Guess what the problem was? I’ll tell you. It happens after I eat, when I turn myself upside down and do bicycling exercises, that’s when the problem starts!

Shortly before this realization of his own health, HE had the experience of trying to help a coyote who really didn’t want his help. To be involved or see (in some shape or form) the death of a animal that is considered a “totem” can bring some aspect of one’s life into focus. Coyote’s energy is linked to a “trickster” with a teaching of how wisdom and folly can go hand-in-hand and to be ready for a curve ball being thrown in your direction to help you work through what you need to work through. Coyote is about trust and gives the ability to see through illusions.

HE was so upset no one was stopping to help the wounded animal that had been hit. The woman who had hit the animal had stopped but she was fearful to go close. HE was beside himself on the best way to help and when HE got close to the animal, the animal immediately moved off to another location. HE drove off to get some help from authorities but when HE returned empty handed the animal had died. All the effort HE put forth was to no avail as it appeared the animal did not want his assistance.

HE finally realized how the incident related to some things going on in his own life. For instance, HE would go out of his way to help people in order to boost himself up and now might question…. who is really going to benefit from the giving and why?

There is a Grimm’s fairy tale about how too much giving weakens. It is called The Princess and the Frog. It is a fairy tale about a spoiled princess who lives with her father who takes care of all her needs and she proceeds to meet up with a frog who creates some tension in her life. Because she is living with her father the king, all her needs and more are taken care of and she has become quite passive and spoiled. Tension starts to build with the frog where she eventually she has to summon up all her power in order to throw him against the wall. Her new found strength and the splattering of his body help both of them transform. HE becomes a prince wh is a little more laid back and SHE becomes a woman of strength and substance, no longer dependent on Daddy. The fact of the matter is that when everything is given to someone they can become lazy, spoiled and laid back…never getting around to developing themselves or coming into their own power or potential. The princess grows up becoming a woman and and marries the prince to live happily ever after.

When people are overly coddled, with their every need taken care of, or assisted such as in welfare, a tendency can be to lay back and expect others or big daddy to provide or do the work. This sets the stage where they don’t reach their full potential. In intimacy, many men bend over backwards to give to their women in bedroom and then wonder why the woman is so laid back and never takes the initiative or interest to work on them.

“Some people look as if they have lost their eagerness and passion. Their aspiration seems to be exhausted and fresh inspiration has abandoned their weary mind. Life has boundlessly given them material welfare, which has fully spoiled them in the end. No energy for longing has been left, as they have reached a twilight zone. The twilight of desire. ( “Twilight of desire” ) ― Erik Pevernagie

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