Justin and Sophie – The Perfect Lovers

An Analyst Viewpoint
photo from Vancouver Sun

Imagine a perfect lover who has the ability to see beyond their own point of view with such farsightedness that they could understand the minute details as well as the larger picture. A seer who sees all and who listens carefully knowing that the fellowship of man comes through empathy. Imagine a person of integrity with high standards and a physical magnetism that glows with life force, enthusiasm and openness.
Let me present Justin Trudeau, a man of natural expression who has climbed up upon the stage of our country, as prime minister of Canada.
We will have a lot to be grateful for because this is a resourceful man who will delve into excellent solutions towards the challenges of our country and perhaps even the world. Justin Trudeau will become our hero of strength, majesty, genius, originality and be known for his love as this is very close to his heart.

Sophie, Justin wife has little or no inclination to be a leader, but it is this reluctance that will set her up as one. She will have her finger on the pulse of the collective patterns of humanity and will have enormous influence over large numbers of people. She can become the voice of the collective and her virtuous countenance of humility will have the impulse to serve something greater. These are people whose acts and deeds will immortalize them. Her true nature is a generous spirit who nurtures and cares for others that might be suffering in some way. From a lightness of being her graciousness pours forth, such is her milk of human kindness.

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