Leonard Cohen – A Time To Be Free


“We are so lightly here. It is in love that we are made. In love we disappear.”
― Leonard Cohen

I believe Leonard Cohen was a man who embraced the shadows of suffering and in doing so became a role model for humanity. With courage and a deep acceptance of the suffering of life he always remained humane and respectful rather than dragged down. He would sing out on religion, politics, love and sex often in a prayerful manner yet sometimes with a bit self-deprecating humor. There could be no better symbol for his journey than the life of Christ for in the darkest hours he believed there was a crack in everything and that is how the light would get in. Often moving to where the light was most dark and where he was most helpless he would explore and develop his consciousness within and when he would kneel down on his knees to sing, veneration and reverence exuded forth to open our hearts melted with compassion.

Cohen with his life of simplicity had a mind uncluttered and spaciousness so that he could think clearly with insight and clear language. His words were masterpieces that conveyed an alchemical flavour of clarity, simplicity, beauty and vibration.

“I don’t want to be a star, merely dying”, he once said and indeed he wasn’t for he glowed with magnetized life force having an aura that had the power to influence us all. Perhaps upon his death he might have burst into his ultimate flowering florescence surrounded by magic, where the crack opened for the light to come in and his clear mind finally gave up control.

Fantasia de Fleurs

To Trust in Love Again?

For SHE had once walked out the door

The Perfect Lovers - Out The Door

Casual or superficial sex is tailor-made
To suit up the man unable to commit
Where emotions were frozen and ignored
When his mother left him as a child

Walking out the door
Vine-like swollen veins
With squashed feelings of fears

Relating to Abandonment

Where HE would ever able
To allow himself
To love and be loved
And even if HE could
It might just not feel right
Perhaps used in an act or game of play
For really
How could HE ever trust love
Or his lover or mother to stay

If HE could develop that love, commitment and loyalty
That his mother never showed

HE might cast aside abandonment issues
No more casual or superficial sex
Or meaningless acts of lust
Nor the continual testing of a lover’s unconditional love

For HE would find himself trusting and riding on the currents of love

The Voice of Wisdom

I suppose there must be benefits to living a half-hearted life, where you don’t give it your all – where you skip around on the surface of a shallow, superficial pond simply because of the fears about diving down into the heart of the ocean at the deepest level of relationships, where you will find yourself nurturing and receive nurturing in the currents of profound love.

So many people are frightened of relationships. Yet I see them as something to appreciate and value with time, care, honor and respect. How we treat each other, our bodies, plants, animals and Mother Earth has become downtrodden into a casual affair.

A relationship ideally holds a strong comfort level where the basic needs, coping mechanisms, and emotional reactions between the two people will be similar. It will be a place where two people easily open up to each other and bring out their issues from the darkness into the light. It is a schoolhouse to learn and to share with giving and receiving which helps the process of merging and releasing ego and separate individualities. I feel the highest level of experience in a relationship is allowing our own symbolic death through the merging with the another.


The Reflection

The Perfect Lovers - The Reflection

He says:
Imaginations and fantasies can be nice,
But my problem with love
Is that it is not always here when I want it,
Seldom actually,
I create it for and as myself.

The Voice of Wisdom responds:
If your current belief system has led you to a problem with love, why carry and continue to program your mind with that same mind set that brought you to the place where you are now. If you are surrounded by a problem and not where you want to be, question your beliefs and the deeper meanings they have for you and change your beliefs.

Your outer world is a reflection of that which you hold within. Your external world is like a projection screen showing everything that is coming out from inside you. You have made, or you are seeing, or you have attracted an environment that reflects your inner world.

Three layers of understanding
1. BASIC – That which we know and are familiar with inside we recognize it easily when we see it on the outside.
2. INTERMEDIATE – This relates to the concept of creating your own reality of who you are. Like an energy signature artist Picasso imprinted his artwork which got reflected and repeated over and over again until he changed his vibration and style.
3. ADVANCED – There is the One Being of all of existence. A Creator who is creating the world, where “We” are a part of it all – a part of the One – with all facets or fractiles of the self reflecting, yet believing we are unique and separate from the rest. If you zoom out with your binoculars you would see All that is and the Oneness of it all being displayed with the Others each reflecting mirrors.

Pose for Vogue

An Analyst Viewpoint: What the world needs now is love sweet love.

The new Canadian Prime Minister and his wife are setting a stunning example of demonstrating love by posing in Vogue magazine in an embrace photographed by Norman Jean Roy. This is exactly what our world needs at this time…some love, kindness and goodwill. As the famous song states, “What the world needs now is love sweet love, It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

Justin Trudeau is a teacher and of that there is no doubt. With his naturalness and magnetism we are pulled right into his aura as we try to understand and learn from his unique teachings. His ability leans towards a far-sighted vision into what the world needs now, and he is nothing less than amazing.

From the person that he is, he brings this to a relationship, to a family, community and now the world – an example of a shining light of love, artfulness, strength, integrity and resourcefulness. Even the photographer Roy hopes his photo will help to inspire a different tone in politics and help people become better people.

If you would like assistance with the reading of your personal Gene Keys describing your higher purpose hidden within your DNA contact: theperfectlovers@gmail.com

Dance Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A Bee

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham



Many of us encounter some bumps and bruises in our interactions as we travel through life and we often decide to put up a shield or coat of armor in order to protect ourselves. This often happens in the arena of love, but can also happen through strangers in regards to rape and unpleasant encounters or arguments.

Relationships are an avenue for learning and developing ourselves. Some individuals who encountered painful interactions feel they can no longer give or receive love. Others become teachers of what to do when you encounter a person who will bruise. Still others will retreat and hide behind a protective wall sometimes for a lifetime. It is important to understand what was the learning about as it is different for each individual. All experiences in life are meant to teach you something. We are not supposed to be hiding in shells shaking in fear. We need to overcome our traumas and learn from them.

There is a close relationship between nutritional imbalances and our psychological behavior. A hair analysis report from the lab can show this close connection. It will show how the mind and body interconnect. If you can get on a path of ideal nutrition it will help heal your bruises and wounds so you don’t have to carry the scab or a suit of armor for the rest of your life. If you happen to be the person giving out the bruises your hair analysis will also describe your nutrition patterns that create that personality type. Treat your interactions with respect and as a dance. Learn when to duck, twist, turn or embrace.

There is also a close relationship between the unveiling of your shadows and gifts and the style of your dance.


If you would like to discuss any issues you might have contact me and download your Gene Keys on the Find Your Story page.

CBC employee chafes at restrictions set upon him. An analyst’s view…

“A prince of communication” and the CBC, has “a dark shadow of dominance” stepping out unto the limelight.

Big Ears Teddy

The CBC states it has learned of a “specific claim of impropriety” toward one of its employees and will continue investigation, as the prince of communication denies claims of unwanted sexual violence and threatens to sue the CBC for $55 million.

Meanwhile, Carl Jung the psychologist, believed that as we work toward the fulfillment of our potential, we would be led on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery. Perhaps this is the path that has now emerged for the prince. If we are meant to fly, then neither cage nor secrecy is needed – for the prince has openly placed all his cards on the table by opening the door to his private bedroom life of BDSM.

Going beyond domination and defiance, this man appears to be one of life’s true charming romantics, as he appreciates the inner world of fantasy and imagination. From the most mundane situations he can be seen to inject a note of the mythic and the meaningful, for this bright, restless and rebellious personality lives life on the edge, as an adventure, never knowing what lays around the next corner. Often good heated debates will help him to air provocative views and let off some steam, but the idea of being told what to do, and to have to submit to the demands of another with unnecessary restrictions leaves him cold.

His “Gene Keys” highlight issues that are being brought to the table and “oppression” is one such key. (Wikipedia and the Merriam-Webster defines oppression as an exercise of an authority or excessive power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner). If the prince has a willingness to surrender to this pressure of oppression, he will undergo a process of transmutation by living his life totally, as he embraces everything and holds nothing back. He certainly took a quantum leap of risk as he surrendered into his fears and exposed his private life for public view. The lid came off his Pandora’s box as we all started to inspect the contents. It appears he holds back nothing back while embracing everything and whether he is crucified or not, he is currently shining as an example of his Gene Key gift “grace under pressure”. One would imagine he is “suffering” in his total nakedness for all to see, for the emperor himself no longer has clothes. His own personal slice of suffering has now been handed down to him, and whether he has touched our hearts and melted our souls, or not, the suffering that he might have inflicted on others through his Gene Key Shadow of “dominating” behavior is now being brought to the light.

Another shadow prances forth and that is of “ego and pride”. It has an underlying fear of being perceived as powerless, and a natural reaction to that type of discomfort is to seek “a wielding of will” in a situation where one sets himself above another. If one can operate at a higher frequency of this shadow then there is the ability to offer the gift of oneself through love rather than will, so there is no longer an identification with the ego.

Dominance reigns in this profile, as the shadow aspect it pushes down one so the other might rise, and we wonder who in this situation will end up as the victim or victimizer. In the long run, if the gift of synergy is used, trust and goodwill might bring more positive results.

The ultimate Spiritual Lesson of these keys is “Humility”. If one can find a way through the dark forest shadows of “arrogance”, (which holds the skills to control and manipulate others through various factors including a wide web of words), then the realm of “leadership” is entered. As we know, this spin doctor had his fingers on the pulse of the collective with an enormous influence over large numbers of people and became a voice of the collective, a leader whose time had come.

Currently we see the price of communication publicly facing many of his dark shadows and letting them out of the closet for a good cleaning, but will we finally see him reaching up for his highest Gene Key star on his journey in life, which represents the lesson of “Humility”?

In My Dreams Before Time Froze

Sensate focus or sensate focusing is a term usually associated with a set of specific sexual exercises for couples or for individuals. The term was introduced by Masters and Johnson,[1] and was aimed at increasing personal and interpersonal awareness of self and the other’s needs. Each participant is encouraged to focus on their own varied sense experience, rather than to see orgasm as the sole goal of sex.

picInMy Dreams2


A Sacred Act

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” Victor Hugo

29. A Sacred Act


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