AUDIO: Lasting Longer Voice Over by Fantasia de Fleurs, Music Kevin MacLeod, Recording Ritmone

Last Longer (Sexual Techniques) – (Part 1. Movement)

Do you use mostly the Right or Left side of the Brain in Regards to Movement?

Usually whoever you are in the outside world, is who you are in the bedroom

– When you go into a shopping center, do you head right in and get what you want and out again? (Left Brain, goal oriented)
Or do you like to wander, and take your time, with the journey being more important than the goal? (Right Brain)

– Do you like fast food, quick, easy and straight down the hatch?
Or are you more into gourmet with a slow leisurely approach?

– Do you speak direct and to the point, often noding your head up and down, perhaps even looking at your watch?
Do you have a tendency to ramble with a lot of words?

Great sex occurs more on the right side of the brain
If you are too fast (premature ejaculation), you are moving in a left brain manner.

Great sex is all about the journey, not the goal of orgasm.
Great sex is like becoming a sponge and filling up slowly with all kinds of sensations

Fantasia de Fleurs

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