Statement of Despair, Helplessness and Failure by The Gunman of Parliament Hill.

To make sense of a senseless shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, one needs to decide what was the lesson. Was it a testament to a future of corruption, entropy and failure, or a directional shift to kindle a light in the darkness for the preservation and veneration of all?


If we all bring a gift to the world, what was the gift of the gunman of Parliament Hill? Gene Keys can be a tool to show us our personal potential along with our dark, heavy shadows seeking transformation. The Gunman was wading through a Gene Key shadow of (drug) “psychosis” which is no easy matter, for the mind becomes “corrupted” and deranged, with a loss of contact with reality, bizarre behavior, and difficult social interactions. Yet this man was also reaching out through this murky realm to find his gift of “inspiration” from other disciplines.

His Gene Keys show a “natural intelligence” which might have been put to good use if he was drug free. He may have been designed for the limelight to show others with “precision”, how to overcome their sense of “failure” and how to use “restraint” in situations that appear appealing but in the long run would do harm.

The key for his life of a greater promise was the “anticipation” he held tight within his passport. Then, when his “expectations” burst and all the pieces of his life drifted downwards, with no apparent hope remaining, he decided to add his punch line. This punch line centered around an attitude which was overwhelming him. He wanted to express the profound meaninglessness of existence, and in order to do so he would kill off every aspect of his identification of who he was – a person immersed in the utter helplessness of what it means to be alive and dying at the same time.

Trapped between his ideals and the complex problems of his painful limitations, the gunman felt a tension mounting within the dilemma of the rational against the overpowering, intense feelings and he became tied up and twisted in too many knots of emotional challenges. He felt he was being pushed to the limit, under an influence representing powerful internal forces for change, colliding with powerful resistance from the external world. He desperately wanted to escape the pressure, but with every effort he put forth, circumstances seem to hold him back and he felt completely stuck in an oppressive situation. He may have been resistant to any kind of compromise, perhaps partly coming from having made too many compromises in the past, along with being uncertain what he needed to fight for and what he needed to gracefully accept.

Under a shadow of “failure” and drug “corrupted” thinking, he cut himself away from the rest, for he had no rhyme, rhythm or real purpose. Before long, the black hole of “entropy” arrived and a numbness descended into a heavy gloom of depression. His reactive nature fought back in a frenetic urge to escape this hole and to suppress the uncomfortable feelings at all costs.

The gunman may have felt he needed to make a sudden break for freedom wondering if he could find bigger, greener pastures and make something of himself in the broadest sense of the term? His time arrived during a fire alarm at a men’s mission. This alarm prompted his final burst of activity and aliveness. He made a run for it, all the while watching the impact that he was having on others. Sadly, his home run took him down, along with another.

As we journey through our problematic shadows and come out the other end, our genius may emerge. The gunman produces thought provoking questions. Will humanity and earth be a testament to a shadowed future of corruption, entropy and failure or might the directional shift that the gunman was so desperately seeking, create inner unity, kindling a light in the darkness for the “preservation” and “veneration” of all.


Hidden in the open and quite upset
He emerges through the gaping hole
Of the frayed social safety net
A drug addict with a soul

A homeless vagabond begging for help
With hunting rifle, under cloth and arm
On the run, he gives his best shot with a yelp
Raising arms of glee, for he too went down


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