A Pick Up Artist With The Shadow Show of, “Show and Tell”. An Analyst Viewpoint

Australia has begun the process of disrobing a “Dating Coach” by canceling his visa for peddling derogatory values. Dark shadows are being aired, hung up and dried on the line for all to see.Synergy

Carried away on the fuel of his dreams and fantasies Julien Blanc’s shadow, (which according to Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung is the unknown “dark side” of our personality) has raised its head for us all to see. It is called dark because it is often hidden from immediate view and rather unconscious. The shadow can consist of dark, heavy emotions and impulses such as power, anger, greed, sexual lust and corruption to name a few. We all have shadows of one sort or another that can become a problem and even dangerous when repressed and projected outward. Once we get to know our shadows, we can upgrade and transform them.

Living a life consciously and positively means accepting and relating properly to the shadow as opposed to repressing, projecting or acting it out. This would mean holding oneself accountable for what happens in one’s life and what is projected. With the contemplation of Gene Keys, which is a master tool for understanding human behavior and potential, we might reach some insights and inspiration.

Julien Blanc has a Gene Key relating to “dominance” in a key position in his chart. As a shadow form, there can be a focus upon oppression and dishonoring others. In a broader context, this shadow can be seen in many businesses where one pushes the other down in order to rise. There is a video on-line which shows Julien Blanc demonstrating this exact behavior along with his quote; “If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,” with a Pikachu shirt (on)”. These examples of the shadow of dominance that he is showing us can be transformed, and the solution hinges on the word “synergy”. In this context, synergy relates to human interactions involving teamwork with mutual positive attitudes of the team, which in turn can produce an overall result that is better than one person alone. An example of synergy could be a beautiful song which would need more than one single component or musical part to make a complete song. A collaboration and joining together of different components is needed. All parts should be in harmony in order to recognize the oneness of the piece and hold the integrity of the fabric of the song together. Synergy can also be related to an overall pattern of humanity operating as one consciousness in complete communion, transcending the sense of being separate (or above) the other.

Another Gene Key shadow in this profile is the prominent placement of “corruption”. We often think of political and social corruption as a situation where authority can misuse and abuse power. Corruption might even be seen as a cause and result of poverty. This shadow can occur throughout the world at all levels of society and can represent a deviation from an ideal. Our social values in inter-relating with each other are extremely important. Intimate relationships are the very beginning of being able to build a strong foundation for the building of family, community and nations.

Julien Blanc has the ability to take on tremendous amounts of responsibility and perhaps if he can clearly see that he is being irresponsible for the results of his actions, he might change his tough love approach, which has gotten way out of hand. He might consider using his leaderships skills in a humble manner with an innovative approach to intimacy, in the form of a synergy song of equilibrium and harmony.

We need everyone to pitch in with teamwork to contribute towards intimacy. Harmony and balance between two lovers is just the start, which will then be reflected in our families, society and the world at large. This will create a place where we can live and work, in peace and love.

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