“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.”
Carl Jung



We all have seen clouds in the blue sky performing the art of caress. And the leaves of poplar trees take so much delight in this playful action, that their gleeful giggles and laughter can be heard even above the songs of birds, when the leaves are in the midst of caress.
The clouds and the leaves know a great deal about touch but it is the south wind who is the legendary master of caress. The south wind is a warm wind who leaves all he touches feeling refreshed and reinvigorated in all realms.
Imagine yourself stark naked on the shore of a tranquil lake. The loons are singing, the sun is shining, the waters of the shallows have swallowed your toes. Gentle waves lick at your feet as the south wind begins to caress you in such a way, it leaves you breathless. The pleasure you feel is almost too much to bear. You turn like a swan in a ballet to receive every particle of caress south wind has to offer.

The caresses of your lover can equal south winds touch. It takes only the desire to do so and a small amount of coaching. Nature will take care of the rest.

“Perfect Lovers”, they are real, but they would not exist if not for caress and the far better than average ability they have perform it. The caress of the perfect lovers transfers comfort, serenity and pure joy from the palms and fingers of their hands into “any” area of their lovers bodies.

The body becomes the canvas onto which their caresses create a masterpiece of total satisfaction and even sexual gratification, if that is the purpose of the caress. The fortunate person whose limbs and torso are experiencing the passionate touch of the perfect lover will swoon in gratitude

Wouldn’t it be divine to be gently pulled close to your lover at the entrance of a forest and have talented hands, seek out those hidden tingles and sighs hiding under your skin. It would only be the first steps into the mysteries that your body and the forest are.

The exploring of a strange forest must be preplanned lest you find yourself confused and lost, likewise with your body. One must explore the body of their lover with great care and patience and by doing so, thrills and wonders are assured, even to the point never dreamed possible before.
A ritual or meditation is a good way to prepare oneself for the act of caress. The hands must be warmed, fire needs to be installed and properly tended to. The life experiences of the person being caressed should be taken into consideration. The hands too, need to listen.
Caress is a wonder. The palms and fingers can be magical. But it is more than the hands which are capable of caress. The lips and tongue too are very able in this area. Words also have the ability to caress and soothe the individual who has too long gone without feeling the touch of another human being on their body



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