Leonard Cohen – A Time To Be Free


“We are so lightly here. It is in love that we are made. In love we disappear.”
― Leonard Cohen

I believe Leonard Cohen was a man who embraced the shadows of suffering and in doing so became a role model for humanity. With courage and a deep acceptance of the suffering of life he always remained humane and respectful rather than dragged down. He would sing out on religion, politics, love and sex often in a prayerful manner yet sometimes with a bit self-deprecating humor. There could be no better symbol for his journey than the life of Christ for in the darkest hours he believed there was a crack in everything and that is how the light would get in. Often moving to where the light was most dark and where he was most helpless he would explore and develop his consciousness within and when he would kneel down on his knees to sing, veneration and reverence exuded forth to open our hearts melted with compassion.

Cohen with his life of simplicity had a mind uncluttered and spaciousness so that he could think clearly with insight and clear language. His words were masterpieces that conveyed an alchemical flavour of clarity, simplicity, beauty and vibration.

“I don’t want to be a star, merely dying”, he once said and indeed he wasn’t for he glowed with magnetized life force having an aura that had the power to influence us all. Perhaps upon his death he might have burst into his ultimate flowering florescence surrounded by magic, where the crack opened for the light to come in and his clear mind finally gave up control.

Fantasia de Fleurs

TRUMP & PUTIN – Politics makes strange bedfellows

donald -putin
“Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Trump holds the gift of idealism and farsightedness for he can look into the future and envisage potential which is not immediately apparent in the present. Here rests the possibility of a man who might deliver diplomacy and peace on earth IF he could only transform his shadow of conflict. This type of turbulence that surrounds him uses defiant speech with a combative mood – as if there was the possibility of a hostile takeover. A low frequency such as this shadow is addicted to conflict and at a social level it is programmed to distrust other racial groups believing it has to defend boundaries and borders from danger. When one is ruled by this conflict there are upsetting emotions and no peace or harmony can be found within or without. A shadow such as this cannot take responsibility for their upsetting emotions so they lash out in tactless ways through steams of anger, then exit by storming off. It is difficult to get close to this kind of person unless the childish behavior is adjusted through the opening the heart and the dropping the defenses, along with a bit of give and take with right timing. On the other hand, Trump holds the gift of discrimination and will know inherently what choices are good for America. He wants to stabilize the country and make it great. He says, “This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government.”

Putin’s aspiration is to work with others well, since he knows real growth and expansion lies in mutually cooperative models between different groups or organizations, he holds the gift of teamwork and can easily read people. He feels it essential to meet face to face when doing business. Operating from his gift of expansion he transcends personal opinions as he attempts to understand what is really going on. Lastly if ruling from the shadow of control and fear he will never inspire true loyalty, but when he is a conduit of the will of his followers he transforms into an authority, which is based on kinship rather than kingship. This can be an incredible resourceful man who comes up with all manner of solutions to all manner of challenges filled as he is with wisdom.

Communication between these two leaders might follow into either positive or negative. They might display a tendency towards limitation, narrowing, inhibiting or simply being too fixed and rigid or they might demonstrate a great deal of form and discipline as they consider every possibility carefully, thoroughly, and methodically. In the early stages of their meetings will they be irritated by each others friendly kidding and goading, or will they realize it is harmless. As they become more familiar with each other they will find that they seem to get many more things done than they could possibly have done separately. Touchiness might be raised from both parties and even the possibility of explosiveness as both love a challenge and are not afraid of confrontations.

Expect this newly formed relationship to have very deep, powerful and long-lasting effects on both individuals as they go through important internal changes and transformations. They affect will no doubt spread to have a very powerful effect on us.

Fantasia de Fleurs
Interested in finding out your shadows ad gifts? Contact Fantasia de Fleurs for a reading of your Gene Keys.

Are you aligned with: separation, union or sitting on a fence?

“Honouring the needs of your soul is an unfolding that requires great levels of trust, openness and vulnerability. ​
The journey is an epic one with unimaginable expansions that take place within you and around you.
Where are you being called to step in and receive?” Destini


Unavailable Men – What Keeps You From Unity – Are You Aligned?

With all the bumps and bruises of his life
HE had developed a protective shell
Cautious as a turtle
Sometimes allowing his head
To emerge and swell
But HE had a condition of inhibited release
So HE couldn’t let go
It was his way to being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
HE was sitting on the fence holding back
Afraid of jumping into the action
Fearful HE might be hurt
Perhaps a contract should be signed
To guarantee his safety
It was his way of being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
Striking a fast ball
His running speed gave him a home run
But HE was out of there fast
With a condition of premature ejaculation
It was his way of being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
HE would eat his appetizers
But never commit to a full meal
For he was a man about town
A woman’s man
It was his way of being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
HE was a workaholic
With no time to devote or get serious
It was his way of staying in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
HE no longer could start his car
Let alone drive it…
A condition of impotence
HE had forgotten or never knew
About the care and attention a car needs
In order to work properly over the years
It was his way of being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
As HE quickly escaped
Into his pungent mind-altering marijuana cloud
A sign on the door of his mind read
Private, do not disturb
Tripping through mental states
It was his way of being in separation
Instead of unity

All the bumps and bruises of his life
Had developed a protective shell
HE was off floating about
In a sexual faraway fantasy land
Unable to be fully present
HE held his fantasy doll tight
It was his way to get a charge
While being in separation
Instead of unity

Why not align into me HE said
Fall in step
Like 2 peas in a pod
Walk my walk and talk my talk
Take the courses I take
Follow my thinking, beliefs, philosophies as your own
Be my Bobbsey Twin, or else
Add me to your list of unavailable men
Was this his way of being in separation
Instead of unity?


“We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colours and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don’t share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my brown sister is not different from me. But my black brother is he as much as I am me. But my brown sister is she as much as I am me.”
― C. JoyBell C.

The Voice of Wisdom

The HE with inhibited release began to develop hip problems as did the HE sitting on the fence. Thought forms or patterns of consciousness can precipitate possible disorders in the body. If something is awry with the thinking, the body is the place it plays out. “Messages From The Body” by Michael J. Lincoln describes the psychological meanings of many illnesses, ailments, disorders that can occur in the body and which represent a warning system that can be understood, modified and even mended. Hip issues in general represent a real fear of moving forward.

Write up your story – it helps to see your stories and beliefs that keep you mis-aligned or aligned in separation. Lift the veil for clarity so you can begin to fully experience your life and love more fully. Transform the issues that keep you from being fully in intimacy. Develop trust as you allow your heart to open and as you release old toxic coping mechanisms of armoring and protection. All patterns, habits, beliefs that have compromised your life can now brought forward to review and disassemble, so that you no longer have to remain in a state of separation and conflict.

If you were an athlete, wouldn’t you want to give 100% effort to the game. Why hold back? Even if there are a few bumps along the way you will learn from it and it makes you an even better athlete. Whether you sit on the side lines, hide in the closet, jump in and out like a helter-skelter rabbit or get distracted with other things, life is passing you by. Enter the beautiful, unified field of deep love, freedom, joy and ecstasy. Our relationships are a spring board for interacting with our wider world.

“True freedom is where an individual’s thoughts and actions are in alignment with that which is true, correct, and of honor – no matter the personal price.” Bryant H. McGill

Dance Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A Bee

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham



Many of us encounter some bumps and bruises in our interactions as we travel through life and we often decide to put up a shield or coat of armor in order to protect ourselves. This often happens in the arena of love, but can also happen through strangers in regards to rape and unpleasant encounters or arguments.

Relationships are an avenue for learning and developing ourselves. Some individuals who encountered painful interactions feel they can no longer give or receive love. Others become teachers of what to do when you encounter a person who will bruise. Still others will retreat and hide behind a protective wall sometimes for a lifetime. It is important to understand what was the learning about as it is different for each individual. All experiences in life are meant to teach you something. We are not supposed to be hiding in shells shaking in fear. We need to overcome our traumas and learn from them.

There is a close relationship between nutritional imbalances and our psychological behavior. A hair analysis report from the lab can show this close connection. It will show how the mind and body interconnect. If you can get on a path of ideal nutrition it will help heal your bruises and wounds so you don’t have to carry the scab or a suit of armor for the rest of your life. If you happen to be the person giving out the bruises your hair analysis will also describe your nutrition patterns that create that personality type. Treat your interactions with respect and as a dance. Learn when to duck, twist, turn or embrace.

There is also a close relationship between the unveiling of your shadows and gifts and the style of your dance.


If you would like to discuss any issues you might have contact me and download your Gene Keys on the Find Your Story page.

A mother who helped the ‘unwanted, unloved, and uncared’.

What does it take to become a mother of the world? Here is a story of a woman called Agnes who tried and succeeded. She had said, that in her own personal family they didn’t need bombs and guns, everyone would just get together, love one another, bring peace, joy, and with the strength of presence of each other in the home, they would overcome the evil in the world, and so could we.

Mother Teresa Frame

Confrontation With The Unconscious – We cannot form a great union if it is outside of who we are. By stepping back, re-examining and re-modelling, shedding old ways and adding new ones, we can redefine ourselves. The perfect partner mirrors where you are in your growth at this point in your life, for you attract to yourself who you are. Prepare for intimacy by cultivate a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself. Examine your issues, find your shadows and explore the feelings that surround them.‘Individuation’ is where inner parts become integrated into a well-functioning whole creating a unique re-modelling of yourself. The perfect lover is you!

Agnes eventually came to operate 517 missions in more than 100 countries. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan said as a tribute, she was “a rare and unique individual who lived long for higher purposes. Her life-long devotion to the care of the poor, the sick, and the disadvantaged was one of the highest examples of service to our humanity.” Perhaps we can learn from the Gene Keys she holds.

Her life’s work involved an intimate love affair and she carried the shadow of victimhood with the gift of freedom. Clad in a white with blue trim, she became a symbol of love, care and compassion for the world helping the victims of suffering and bringing forth radical new ideals and universal points of view. Without judgement she brought her human family into a state of higher union. This mother was in close contact with others and had an open heart that rose up in love and empathy as all aspects of herself dispersed into the space of creation creating transparency where there were no longer any barriers to stand in the way of her union with others. Yet within her own personal life according to her writings, she was experiencing great internal suffering because of unrequited love from her lover. As mentioned earlier she herself had the shadow of victimhood along with a repressed shadow in intimacy that represented feeling excluded.

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” Carl Jung

The foundation Gene Key for Agnes or who we now call Mother Teresa was strength and majesty. She was certainly a strong and dynamic personality, one that was practical, responsible, and stable, desiring to direct efforts of others. She preferred moving slowly, assuring that at each stage of building foundations for a project it would be sound and secure. Determined, self-reliant and capable, she worked in harmony with natural forces. She once said, “I often make a point to take time to look at the natural world around me and to let it’s beauty and majesty awe me”. She herself measured only 5 feet, but the sheer majesty within her could take one’s breath away. “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” she was quoted as having said.

Her Gene Key of self assurance and presence developed with patience, trust and surrender to that majesty of a higher presence that allowed life to move her.
Holding a Gene Key of victimization towards freedom, she would interact with the victims of the world using her empathy, she could feel herself in their shoes, and her heart opened with any sense of separateness disappeared. This Key holds a connection to sound, so it was no wonder Mother Teresa loved to sing, for ‘Singing was a way that they overcame difficulty,’ reports an aid worker who spent time with Mother Teresa.

The expansion and superabundance Key worked it’s magic through her heart expanding. As she gave to others, all sorts of beneficial energies returned to her, including the superabundant expansion of her awareness as she reached up for realization and enlightenment. She had the gift of being able to make the best of all her resources for she was a builder and know how to turn her dreams into actualities.

Holding the Key of integrity and perfection her standards were high, and she insisted on a very strict code of behavior, both for herself and for others. With common sense, practicality, and utilitarianism she paid attention to details that required exactitude, but basically, she was a worker and a servant of others.

Imagine her taking your hands and enveloping them within her own hands as if inside velvet pillows, while speaking softly, gently, and warmly explaining the importance of starting at home with those closest to us, to remedy all types of poverty such as being unwanted, unloved and uncared for.

Dry Lips

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi


Cultivate Respect

We hurt each other in so many ways
From hunting and fishing, to movies and plays
Blanket the terrorism, so doves may then glide
Through all interactions,
Bringing peace worldwide

Never hurt the one you love
Just resolve the pain from your past,
Treat others kindly with kid gloves
To help move mountains of feelings,
that may have amassed

It’s a work of art, to dance together
The hows and whys, of a slight trigger
The side-steps over ruffled feathers
And never utter, a disrespectful snicker

Relationships are a sacred privilege
Held with a thread of utmost respect
Not an entitlement to trample or leech
Or use for gratification or to neglect

The journey of awakening in intimacy involves
Not in finding the right person
But in becoming the right person…
One who can give honor and respect
To the self and others

One who can realize the divinity within
Leading to mutual commitment
To help each other mate with their God-self
And to grow towards balance and enlightenment


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” E.F. Schumacher

Wonder Woman’s Aura (Category of Love in The Family, Community, World)


Out of this World Intimate Encounter

My Lover Earth
Ecosexuality is loving the Earth as we would love the body and loving the body as we would the Earth.


Character Study “The Thinker” (Category – Love in the Community)


“The Thinker”
Wanting to contribute to the benefit of humanity

This person has just died. I used Astrology based on transits and his least apected planets to understand and write this character study for the family.

Even though you are gone…..
You are now entering a time of exuberant optimism
A twelve-year cycle of personal growth
With broader perspectives of higher wisdom
Opening new activities, to nourish & clothe

A thinker, with deep centers of gravity
Lying within his intellectual mind
Escaping the confines, of circumstance with glee
For freedom, travel, expansion & new world views, to find

Most happy and at ease, when moving about
Discussing multitudes, of intellectual matters
With friends whose ideas were similar throughout
High ideals…. might have sometimes, been shattered

Seen as humane and broadminded
With nothing done, that could be called halfway
Every experience so intense, amid
A strong will to lead others, and to obey

Ambitious projects would test abilities, to procure
The best in people, with a vision to advise
Ceaseless perceptions of human nature
Where it needed to be “fixed”, or made more civilized

A contributor to bigger efforts,
Yet a personality in your own right
With the understanding of trends, you did assert
Contributions to humanity, to lift our plight

The empathy and interest in fellow humans
Along with a gift of, insightful giving
Inspirational roots, mixed with logic and mental acumen
Your research contributed, to improvements in living

You were a cornerstone, for a family or organization
Always needing to know
That you were doing something for others,
As well as yourself, to bestow

Fantasia de Fleurs

Tea with Turkish Cookies – Character Study (Love Shown in The Community)

picture 63

Exotic Tales…
Tea with Turkish Cookies

Tea time with the Aunt
Who sprouts spiritual visions
To help lift people’s burdens, and magically enchant
New destinies from old possibilities, that were quite scant

Under ordinary circumstance, she injects
Auras of meaning, to fill potential
You’d be lucky to hear, the stories she collects
For her life is certainly, not inconsequential

In the company of others,
A vitality of personality
Holds close like a mother
Yet embraces the world as family

We drink tea from bone china, up to the brim
While clutching cookies from Turkey, in her lap
Exquisitely boxed with turquoise and gold trim
She offers this gift, as it’s unwrapped

Tales emerge, from far-away lands
A spinning of words about people in need
She conjures up some grand plan
With a purpose and worth guaranteed

Visionary ideals that are fueled in belief
Make a character with powerful zeal
Empathic compassion as commander in chief
She becomes a revolutionary of strong impulse, to reform and reveal

Her unique power of imagination
Backed by compassion
Along with the words to grace…
Make our fragile world, into a much better place

Fantasia de Fleurs


How To Make A Difference To The World

By Mark Foo

Many people believe that they don’t have what it takes to make a difference to the world. They believe only people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and the likes, are capable of making a difference.
The truth is, every one of us is put in this world to contribute and make a difference to the world in our own unique way. It need not be anything out of the world. It just needs to be something you do with the intention of ‘doing good’.

The following is a guide as to how small people like us can make a difference to the world.
How To Make a Difference

1. It Need Not Be an Enormous Task
“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa
You already have what it takes to make the world a better place. Making a difference to the world may seem like an enormous task, but it is in fact the collective effort of everyone to make small contributions with a lot of heart.
The size of the contribution is not what matters most. The key here is to have the heart to do it.

2. Start Now
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank
There is no one best time to start to make a difference to the world. You don’t need to wait till you have the time to share some love; you don’t have to wait till you make more money to share a slice of bread. Little efforts count, and you can start making small contributions today.

3. Your Contribution is Never Too Small
“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.” – Author Unknown
If you think that everything has been taken care of by somebody and your contribution is not going to make much of a difference, then you’re wrong. Can you imagine if everyone else starts to think the same way?
In fact, it is our responsibility to seek ways to contribute, large and small. You don’t have to be concerned you’re only capable of making small contributions. What counts is the effort.

4. The Greatest Gifts of All
“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha
Happiness and love are the two greatest gifts you can give to the world. Too often, we’re too indulged in our own gratifications that we forget there are people in this world whom we can make a little happier and feel more loved.
As the saying goes, “To receive, you must first give.” The more you give, the more you’ll receive. Let us remind ourselves that in order to receive more happiness and love, let’s spread more of them first.

5. Empower Other People
“Abilities wither under criticism; they blossom under encouragement.” – Dale Carnegie
You can change the world by helping one person at a time. One of the ways to help someone is to empower the person. But how do you empower a person? Well, one of the ways is to be generous in giving praise and encouragement instead of criticism.
By praising and encouraging the person, you’d have helped him/her to accomplish what he/she is meant to be, and that would lead to more value being added to the world.

6. Seek to Make a Long-Lasting Effect
“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” – Benjamin Disraeli
This is Mr Disraeli’s version of ‘give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.’
The good that we seek to do will make more of a difference when there’s a long-lasting effect rather than a temporary effect. For example, if we make contributions to build a school, it will benefit many people for years to come.
And when more people receive education, they will in turn provide more value to the world.

7. Stop Whining and Do Something
“If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo
All the whining and complaining in the world is not going to make a difference to the world. It will only drain you of your precious energy from doing things that do make a difference.
Instead of whining and complaining, seek to use the time more productively by engaging in activities that matter. When it comes to making a difference, nothing matters more than taking actions.

8. Lead the Way
“A good example has twice the value of good advice.” – Author Unknown
Other than doing things to make a difference, we should also seek to influence others to start doing things that make a difference. And the best way to convince other people is to lead by example.
Start doing whatever is within your ability today. Start showing more concern and love to the people around you. Start to make monthly donations to your favourite charity. Start putting more effort in your work to increase the value output.

Every effort counts, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. Just do something, and do something good.

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