Troubled Waters

The Perfect Lovers - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

He calls out over the troubled, rumbling waters….
Love is precarious and dangerous
Some will chase it their entire lives
Yet others flee from it, frightened half to death

As my gigantic helium balloon floats above my head
I fill it with my dreams
Full of awe, tension, and hope
Imagined ideas and intimate desires
Which I believe led me into troubled waters

Ahhh to reach the bridge
For skill and understanding
To maneuver communications to heal
But so many things are left unsaid …

For example, to be directive and specific
Is easier said than done
Especially when the source point needs to be cleared
So that I might no longer be controlled
Through my self-judgment, guilt, fears, even addiction to energies

Let the Oneness Spring from Nothingness


The Voice of Wisdom

It has been said that some chase love their entire lives, even throughout lifetimes searching in many places – but the search is always outside the self and never within. If you can unite with a new found beloved inside yourself (as the Anima or Animus that Carl Jung made famous) you will be filled with an inner love, so much so that this inner love will then overflow like a fountain out into the outer world and spray unto others. You will then not have to chase around looking for it, for it will be within.

That gigantic helium balloon of imagination floating above your head can create the space for your own inner lover to unfold and manifest. What is an artist without an imagination. Develop your ability to see, feel and communicate with them internally. Your mind is creative. Fantasize and don’t be shy to share all your intimate desires with them! Like an artist creating a visual masterpiece, these powerful repeated dreams and fantasies will at one point manifest themselves magically in your inner and outer world.

Programming yourself with an inner lover is the most positive, productive thing you can do for healing because unconscious limiting beliefs that you hold about love may then begin to change, which makes your behavior change and ultimately your reality will also change. Be directive and specific in your communications with your inner lover by going to your own Garden of Eden in order to dialogue and listen, never forgetting to share love and emotions for that is what will give the impact for bonding and it will turn a simple intellectual experience into something much more powerful.

Many people are unconscious about how they create their reality and therefore processing is important. Food for thought holds… that in the beginning there was Oneness but by partaking of the tree of the good and evil, a tension developed within and without. This tension of polarity (good/evil) created conflict and chaos – with inside thoughts and body problems being reflecting back out into the world in wars of conflict. The tree in the garden was a poison. Go back and heal the internal conflict that developed at that time. Go back to when you felt as one, in harmony and filled with light, always remembering to be careful – for when you become divided you will be filled with darkness and troubled waters.

From The Tree of Good and Evil

Duality and Tension Arrive
The Perfect Lovers - From The Tree

He placed his hands on his chest
For the tight congestion
Had him unable to find, un-knot or freely express
Tangled tunes
Of his Singularity Song of Oneness

Longing to sing the Peace
That hides deep within
Where there is no conflict, war or tension
Just a grassy field of Love needing to live in harmony and lie Undivided

A magical kingdom rests upon the earth
An field of energy
But most cannot see, feel or hear it
For they are tangled up within the tensions of duality
Unable to enter undivided love

The Voice of Wisdom
When the tree of the good and evil threw down it’s shadow of duality the sensitive lover fell in a heap of despair for he was unable to express the feelings of his heart’s orchestra to his lover. He had been born into a family with love that had been jumbled and tangled up in knots and the condition remained to this day passed down from the tree of the duality of good and evil.

All have inherited some type of duality, tension or chaos that rests inside in one form or another. Most live in a sea of suffering and don’t know how to escape. The solution of how to climb out of that sticky spider’s web is releasing identification with duality/tension/chaos as your reality – instead choose to live in a field of love and harmony.

Standing on Crutches

Take A Stand So You Won’t Be On Crutches
“The strongest thing that any human being has going is their own integrity and their own heart. As soon as you start veering away from that, the solidity that you need in order to be able to stand up for what you believe in and deliver what’s really inside, it’s just not going to be there.” Herbie Hancock

The Perfect Lovers - Standing on Crutches

Take A Stand
Lilith, also called the Black Moon is a figure in Jewish mythology, who is portrayed as Adam’s first wife. She was created at the same time as Adam and from the same dirt but she left Adam because she refused to become subservient to him. Lilith is known to lead others into to the deepest and darkest corners of their being, where they will face their dark-sided beliefs and repressions. She will help to dredge up all the old and inferior tendencies so that we gain some strength and power in mastering our inner world and overcoming subservience. Lilith helps you discover subconscious limitations, fears or programming that keep you from your optimum self.

Any problems or tensions we encounter with others, is actually our own problem which is mirrored back to us so we can become conscious of it. You will easily notice it… for it begins with the feeling of an inner tension within – thats the signal there is a problem, it is our own, and it is to be found and solved.

I visited A Blind Psychic the other day and he chatted for about 15 minutes into my hour session on some dire earth changes and problematic world situations which could affect us in negative ways unless we prepared for it. I patiently and calmly waited for him to finish with his rants and raves but started to notice a bit of tension building for I had requested a personal reading and not a world reading and my time was ticking by. Finally when my own personal story appeared, I was informed not to expect to live very long for he saw me in a car accident and leaving for heaven on Pagasus wings. His view had me on a stretcher rushed to the hospital with my deceased mother clothed as an angel holding me, for she was concerned and trying to protect me from something that was about to happen. The psychic recounted that I will die and ascend quickly and in the process…. meet with Beauty, my dog who is in spirit. I also see you being unable to walk and your sister will be gone in the next 5 years.

What a mouthful! On reflection of the psychic’s talk, I noticed from the get-go that I had felt an inner tension as I patiently waited for the psychic to begin my personal reading… as I felt captive to have to listen to this preliminary talk of negative earth changes and world events. I was resisting his pressure as he tried to influence and engage me in conversation about world events. I did this by placing a big “X” placed over the negative images that flew continuously out from his mouth. Eventually he noted that it was strange that I did not participate in talking with him about it like all of his other clients.

I felt I also had to place an X over most of the imagery he presented in my own personal story as it was not to my liking. Finally at the end of the session I asked him if there was something I could do to improve my situation that he saw…. to which he quickly remarked: spiritually I was in the “light” but “informationally” there were differences in the taking in of opinions and that I should make a concerted effort to keep my eyes and ears open.

That night during sleep I tossed and turned. My eyes and ears were open. I felt twinges and cramps moving around in my right leg and for the next day and week that followed, I had difficulty walking and had to order a pair of crutches in order to get around. I pulled Michael Lincoln’s book “Messages from the Body” off the shelf. It presented the concept of when parts of the body become imbalanced it can relate to a particular psychological meaning, because of our mind/body connection. Accordingly, the right knee which was where the problem was focused, related to basic belief violations where a foundation that was once cherished becomes betrayed, resulting in intense issues around selecting directions to take to manifest one’s destiny. The book asked: are you afraid to speak up and take a stand or are you resistant to an external influence, perhaps some perceived authority? Do you not fully comprehend what is happening or might there be missing links that make you feel unable to cope and function effectively? I came to understand from the blind physic experience that it is important for me to take a verbal stand right in the moment when I feel the tension mounting… because that moment to express myself may never come again. Developing communication skills for the first alarm bell that rings of tension will be important for me so that the inner tension can be released and does not find another place to lodge in my body as I ponder about the meaning of it.

When one person does not take a stand, power issues can come up just as it does in a boxing match. In a relationship for example – imagine a cartoon character to depict a wife, such as a strict traffic cop. This woman belittles her easy-going, flexible husband whose dearest wish is to have a happy, peaceful relationship and he bends over backwards to please. Finally, one day he realizes his integrity had become compromised when his young son asked “you’re afraid of her aren’t you?”He then starts to take a stand on his behalf when the occasion calls for it, but the traffic cop will not back down and therefore the couple are now separated.

Another instance is a young boy spending summers with an Aunt who loved to spank him for whatever reason she could find, and she would do it often. The boy never spoke up even though he knew things were not quite right. Now fully grown he seeks the services of a disciplinarian who will spank him. Yet he finds himself in a bind for he is unable to speak up to his wife to ask for permission to take time off for himself so he can sneak away to visit his professional disciplinarian who does spanking.

Personally, I forgive myself for not taking a strong stand when I commissioned The Blind Psychic to paint some pictures for me that were not to my liking and which I certainly did not want to have in my collection. On a positive note I have also learned to keep in balance the cycle of gathering in and giving out… and if I am doing too much on one or the other side I will always be reminded of The Blind Physic. Take A Stand So that You Too Won’t Be Left On Crutches!

What Makes A Great Relationship

The Teaching: All types of ingredients go into the recipe of a great relationship
ingredients for a perfect lover

The Inner World

My lover’s inner world
Dwells among untrodden ways
His dreams in the forest
Which are hidden from view
We pull forth, into the light of day

Like violets covered by mossy stones
Half hidden from inquisitive eye
His habits I learn and make positive known
So our relationship will never go a’wry


Interacting with a partner is like a dance that needs a little give and take. Intimacy requires space between the togetherness to breathe and recharge batteries. For some people, especially those who were not heard as children, they could be frightened to speak up when they get their toes stepped on, yet communication plays an important part of what make a great relationship. Understanding and using your partner’s love language and they yours, helps get both your needs met.


Icing On The Cake

icing on cake frames


Unsatisfied Grain Thrasher

“I think most guys know more what’s underneath the hood of a car than whats under the hood of a clitoris.” Ian Kerner

webGrain Thrasher

Lets Talk

“There is nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.” Brad Meltzer
picture 077


Words Can Create Emotional Connections

Voice Over Words_create_emotional_connections


What really determines what kind of sex you are going to have isn’t the novel positions you find in the sex manual or the new tips in the latest magazine. It’s how safely attached you are to your partner. Emotional presence and trust are the biggest aphrodisiacs of all.

When do you feel most loved?

Audio Voice Over: When_you_feel_most_love-1



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