THE PERFECT LOVERSAwakening Ourselves and The Planet Through Intimate Loving and Interconnectedness

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Gene Keys Golden Path 

<a href=picThePantherFIRST lOVES
The Panther, The Promise, Fires of Intensity….

piclovebeginswithme BLOCKS TO INTIMACY
Love Begins with Me, The Grain Thrasher, Reckless Like a Fool, Guilt, Twist & Coil

picswimmer IMPOTENCE
The Swimmer, Half an Arm, Sinking Silos, The Albatross

Lets Talk, When you do feel most loved? Words can create emotional connections

picBeautifulMysteries THE SACRED
A Sacred Act, Beautiful Mysteries, Respectful Beginnings

pic saliva SEX AS MEDICINE
Tongue Licking Saliva, Sorcerer’s Potion

21.Lucan OTHER LOVES (family, friends, community, world)
The Thinker, Tea with Turkish Cookies, Wonder Woman Warrior

Picture 069 EROTIC
Milky Breasts, Crying To Be Satisfied, On My Derriere, Doing What is Natural, The Perfect Lover, I Believe, Cry of Longing

Pictouchme TOUCH
Caresse, Touch Me, Touch of Love

picture 079 FETISH
Devoured, Farmer’s Fields,

picDoingwhat is natural HEALING
Doing What is Natural, Womans Call To South Wind, Man’s Call to South Wind, Healing in Toe

piclastlonger&movement TECHNIQUES
Last Longer (part 1), The Mountain and Valley

picture 0780star SEXUAL CHARACTERS
Shooting Star, One Foot In, I Will Never Be Enslaved, Forlorn, Twist & Coil

picblood in the sand WOUNDS
Blood In The Sand

In My Dreams In My Dreams Tender Moments

picOutofthisworld OUT OF THIS WORLD
Out Of This World

PicfFalling inLove LOVE
Falling In Love, Tender Moments in my Dreams

picStrawberryfieldsSEXUAL FANTASY
Strawberry Fields, My Mind is a Maserati

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