THE PERFECT LOVERS – Awakening The Planet and Ourselves Through Intimate Loving and Interconnectedness
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Mountain Wind encompasses the frequency of all men. In the journey of healing himself there is a healing of others along with profound creativity and strong spiritual inclinations that may rise.
“Female friends tell me they rate the few lovers they have had in their life time this way: bad, good, better and best. Perfect does not factor in. A complaint can always be made. I dare say, none of them have ever been made love to by a handsome man who sees the ‘entire’ female body as an erogenous zone, from head to toes and from toe to head. The percentage of perfect lovers make up a very small minority, yet, all hope is not lost as if you have the desire to become better.
Good Sex is Medicine. It is a long neglected ancient remedy for a wide area of ailments. It needs to be revived. The world will be a better place when people can at least smile because their lover has achieved perfection in the art of lovemaking. There is much to learn: How to relax the nervous system and release mental and/or emotional barriers, when and how to fantasize, and how to get the most you can from it. You can make love to your lover and to his or her honorable traits, wisdom, gentleness, humor, whatever it is you love about your partner. Learn how to caress not only the physical but also the heart and spirit. It can be done.” Eventually a supernatural ecstasy and bliss can be achieved.

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Fantasia de Fleurs is tucked away in a small cubby hole of big city. One of the rooms contains dozens of brass and crystal bowls that she plays. The sound frequencies that emerge lift her up and over the city giving her broader perspectives and worldly views. When she comes down-to-earth she is a piano tuner, but one who tunes up the frequencies of human minds and bodies. People find their way to her doorstep carrying their half-light and half-shadow tones and through the tune-ups, she brings forth their colourful auras. These colours spring to light with beautiful harmonics of rhythms and feelings to make a grand symphony concert.

One day Fantasia de Fleurs receives a fascinating dream relating to her life purpose. The vision finds her in an attic surrounded by papers on sexuality and when she looks out the window, she sees a dark painted body headed off to an audition. She decides to follow the figure to see what he will do but when he arrives at the audition he disappears behind the curtains wings. Fantasia finds herself on the spot, for the audition lights have turned on her waiting for a performance. She decides to dance with her arms and hands playing the bowls to make them sing. This puts everyone under a hypnotic spell, including the dark painted body hiding in the wings. He was hooked and slithered out in a sexy movement like a snake while she was drawn into his field. They danced a very seductive dance. The energy that developed created waves that drew Fantasia up into the sky in a state of ecstasy and she realized that she no longer needed her bowls to take her on a Shamanic journey.

The audition was successful. It was able to bring a shadow into the light and lift a relationship and sexuality from the plane of popular mass consumption and entertainment to a higher strata of appeal. This level was made for lovers who can disrobe their dark shadows and take a journey into exquisite transcendent sexual realms.

Immediately Fantasia undertook trainings in sexuality in preparation for the anticipated encounter. She investigated the subject of sex surrogacy, twin flames, Ayahuasca and Carl Jungs’ individuation process of integrating the shadow and the anima/animus. The dream began to change her life forever.

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