Alchemical Marriage – Secret to Ascension

Connecting With Your Divine Partner at the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, February 26th 2017
TPL Alchemical Marriage Frame

Secret To Ascension

Your world is going to change
So say goodbye
To old ways of thinking
For the veil will lift and reality dissolve
In just the blink of an eye, that’s my inkling

A powerful gift will be offered to you
If you can walk through the portal
Perhaps time travel to magical worlds
Will help you meet Twin Flames
Instead of mere mortals

Love will be in the air
For attunements to step forth
Expect a new heaven and earth
As the compass might fall east of north

Surrender to your Spiritual Legacy
Evolve into who you really are
Flow into The Spiritual Partnership
In A Grand Play where you are The Star

Your Spiritual Identity is Awakening
Ask the HE and SHE within
Create an Animus/Anima
Alchemical Fusion
So the Divine Masculine and Feminine
Will find the Secret to Ascension

Fantasia de Fleurs

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