Porn Star, Kitten Killer, Man Eater – twisted delusions of grandeur

To uncloak the identity of a man eater takes a strong stomach, for he had once wrote, “once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop. The urge is just too strong not to continue.”

Midnight Cannibal Train

Midnight Cannibal Train

The Man Eating Porn Star, is accused of killing and dismembering a Chinese international student. Was it becuse he was wasting away under a Gene Key shadow of “purposelessness”? Was there a desperate hunger in him for a sense of purpose and worldwide fame? Or was it the woundedness of his Chiron conjunct Fixed star Algo?

We can see from his actions and words that he was psyche up and whether as lover or villain, his commitment was total, living in the “totality” of being alive and alert in the moment, as if on a theatrical stage as an actor in a role even though there was a mysterious detachment under the role. “Life is too short, live every day like its your last!”, he had once exclaimed. A desperation for purpose gave him the adrenaline jolt and thrill he needed to progressively come closer and closer to face his inner demons. These dark shadows had a “preoccupation with death” and a “gambling” edge with a pressure that drove him to try everything and anything, for he was not prepared to die in anyway unfulfilled and without purpose. With his fears of non-existence and In his state of restlessness, the twisted shadow of “suffering and dishonor” emerged to shone forth in his famous kitten killing show.

The shadow of “chaos and disorder” shows up in the porn star’s sex life. He once said, “Luka is unable to live unless there is chaos in his life, it makes him feel as though he matters.” His strategy of dog eat dog was from his distrust in life, while Necrophilia, also called thanatophilia or necrolagnia, is the sexual attraction to corpses. A shadow of “stress” had him operating in a flight or fight mode with a pressure from fear of failure.

He drove himself on a self destructive path all the while stuck in a mindset of “limitation”, as he got progressively more and more perverted with his closed circuit thinking. Dissatisfied with his perceptions of a limited daily boring life, he “over stimulated” his “unstructured” life, by seeking the attention of others for his fantasies, ideas, stories,and discussions. Perhaps he might have been a great story teller in the entertainment business if he had not been operating under the constraints of his shadows.

The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented in astrology by the infamous Algol fixed star relating to death and pain. Diana Rosenberg says of Algol, “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” Algol is a slippery line between life and death, madness and wisdom. In the Maneater’s chart Algo was sitting right beside Chiron which represents one’s woundedness.

When a video finally emerged of a young male bound on a bed, initially alive and then lifeless with someone repeatedly stabbing the corpse with an ice pick and dismembering the body with a knife, eventually leading to acts of necrophilia and cannibalism, the shadow of corruption was out in the open. Maneater is now claiming irresponsibility by not being accountable for the results of his actions.

It would appear that maneater finally found his purpose, fame and fortune as a storyteller of a very sad, gross story of corruption. Humans are fundamentally elements of music and with one key out of tune, our total symphony can out of harmony in the world. What can we do to correct it?

The relationship between the man eater and his victim according to their chart

Under the influence of the planet Neptune it was very difficult to tell what was illusion and what was ideal for the relationship was under a cloud of idealized fantasy with a conflict between realism and idealism. There was to be totally unexpected and strange occurrences that would take place.

According to their chart, these two were irresistibly attracted to each other and would have the tendency to play ritualized games with patterns of behavior that would gradually have less and less connection with reality. Sexuality became the device for one person to dominate the other, with one assuming the dominant Mars role, while the other assuming a more passive Venus role.

The final result was that the world looked in on this relationship in horror, and it had a very powerful effect on all, for we could see the effects of power not used properly, can completely corrupt – with loss of life.

“what kind of life”on the “midnight cannibalism train”?


Creating monsters, Frankenstein, splicing, plastic surgery, mutation, genetic manipulation, playing god, weird heads, unusual hair, abnormal sex drive, perversion, warped mind, exaggerated demeanour, deformities, a creation that becomes destructive to it’s maker, regeneration, montaging, potency versus impotence, brewers droop, striking, stunning, spine-tingling, mind blowing, getting out-of-your-head, mind over matter, ultra-creative, being your own god, soothing pain, caring for the suffering, haunting voice, speaking for the under-dog, exorcising ones demons, working with the shadow.

Algol rules heads of states and beheading. “Algol people seem to either be incredibly sure of themselves or they really have no idea who they. Some are fantastic at assuming a myriad of personalities…. They can sometimes feel rather schizophrenic and as if they are indeed possessed by many demons.
from Darkstar Astrology

Statement of Despair, Helplessness and Failure by The Gunman of Parliament Hill.

To make sense of a senseless shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, one needs to decide what was the lesson. Was it a testament to a future of corruption, entropy and failure, or a directional shift to kindle a light in the darkness for the preservation and veneration of all?


If we all bring a gift to the world, what was the gift of the gunman of Parliament Hill? Gene Keys can be a tool to show us our personal potential along with our dark, heavy shadows seeking transformation. The Gunman was wading through a Gene Key shadow of (drug) “psychosis” which is no easy matter, for the mind becomes “corrupted” and deranged, with a loss of contact with reality, bizarre behavior, and difficult social interactions. Yet this man was also reaching out through this murky realm to find his gift of “inspiration” from other disciplines.

His Gene Keys show a “natural intelligence” which might have been put to good use if he was drug free. He may have been designed for the limelight to show others with “precision”, how to overcome their sense of “failure” and how to use “restraint” in situations that appear appealing but in the long run would do harm.

The key for his life of a greater promise was the “anticipation” he held tight within his passport. Then, when his “expectations” burst and all the pieces of his life drifted downwards, with no apparent hope remaining, he decided to add his punch line. This punch line centered around an attitude which was overwhelming him. He wanted to express the profound meaninglessness of existence, and in order to do so he would kill off every aspect of his identification of who he was – a person immersed in the utter helplessness of what it means to be alive and dying at the same time.

Trapped between his ideals and the complex problems of his painful limitations, the gunman felt a tension mounting within the dilemma of the rational against the overpowering, intense feelings and he became tied up and twisted in too many knots of emotional challenges. He felt he was being pushed to the limit, under an influence representing powerful internal forces for change, colliding with powerful resistance from the external world. He desperately wanted to escape the pressure, but with every effort he put forth, circumstances seem to hold him back and he felt completely stuck in an oppressive situation. He may have been resistant to any kind of compromise, perhaps partly coming from having made too many compromises in the past, along with being uncertain what he needed to fight for and what he needed to gracefully accept.

Under a shadow of “failure” and drug “corrupted” thinking, he cut himself away from the rest, for he had no rhyme, rhythm or real purpose. Before long, the black hole of “entropy” arrived and a numbness descended into a heavy gloom of depression. His reactive nature fought back in a frenetic urge to escape this hole and to suppress the uncomfortable feelings at all costs.

The gunman may have felt he needed to make a sudden break for freedom wondering if he could find bigger, greener pastures and make something of himself in the broadest sense of the term? His time arrived during a fire alarm at a men’s mission. This alarm prompted his final burst of activity and aliveness. He made a run for it, all the while watching the impact that he was having on others. Sadly, his home run took him down, along with another.

As we journey through our problematic shadows and come out the other end, our genius may emerge. The gunman produces thought provoking questions. Will humanity and earth be a testament to a shadowed future of corruption, entropy and failure or might the directional shift that the gunman was so desperately seeking, create inner unity, kindling a light in the darkness for the “preservation” and “veneration” of all.


Hidden in the open and quite upset
He emerges through the gaping hole
Of the frayed social safety net
A drug addict with a soul

A homeless vagabond begging for help
With hunting rifle, under cloth and arm
On the run, he gives his best shot with a yelp
Raising arms of glee, for he too went down


A Pick Up Artist With The Shadow Show of, “Show and Tell”. An Analyst Viewpoint

Australia has begun the process of disrobing a “Dating Coach” by canceling his visa for peddling derogatory values. Dark shadows are being aired, hung up and dried on the line for all to see.Synergy

Carried away on the fuel of his dreams and fantasies Julien Blanc’s shadow, (which according to Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung is the unknown “dark side” of our personality) has raised its head for us all to see. It is called dark because it is often hidden from immediate view and rather unconscious. The shadow can consist of dark, heavy emotions and impulses such as power, anger, greed, sexual lust and corruption to name a few. We all have shadows of one sort or another that can become a problem and even dangerous when repressed and projected outward. Once we get to know our shadows, we can upgrade and transform them.

Living a life consciously and positively means accepting and relating properly to the shadow as opposed to repressing, projecting or acting it out. This would mean holding oneself accountable for what happens in one’s life and what is projected. With the contemplation of Gene Keys, which is a master tool for understanding human behavior and potential, we might reach some insights and inspiration.

Julien Blanc has a Gene Key relating to “dominance” in a key position in his chart. As a shadow form, there can be a focus upon oppression and dishonoring others. In a broader context, this shadow can be seen in many businesses where one pushes the other down in order to rise. There is a video on-line which shows Julien Blanc demonstrating this exact behavior along with his quote; “If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,” with a Pikachu shirt (on)”. These examples of the shadow of dominance that he is showing us can be transformed, and the solution hinges on the word “synergy”. In this context, synergy relates to human interactions involving teamwork with mutual positive attitudes of the team, which in turn can produce an overall result that is better than one person alone. An example of synergy could be a beautiful song which would need more than one single component or musical part to make a complete song. A collaboration and joining together of different components is needed. All parts should be in harmony in order to recognize the oneness of the piece and hold the integrity of the fabric of the song together. Synergy can also be related to an overall pattern of humanity operating as one consciousness in complete communion, transcending the sense of being separate (or above) the other.

Another Gene Key shadow in this profile is the prominent placement of “corruption”. We often think of political and social corruption as a situation where authority can misuse and abuse power. Corruption might even be seen as a cause and result of poverty. This shadow can occur throughout the world at all levels of society and can represent a deviation from an ideal. Our social values in inter-relating with each other are extremely important. Intimate relationships are the very beginning of being able to build a strong foundation for the building of family, community and nations.

Julien Blanc has the ability to take on tremendous amounts of responsibility and perhaps if he can clearly see that he is being irresponsible for the results of his actions, he might change his tough love approach, which has gotten way out of hand. He might consider using his leaderships skills in a humble manner with an innovative approach to intimacy, in the form of a synergy song of equilibrium and harmony.

We need everyone to pitch in with teamwork to contribute towards intimacy. Harmony and balance between two lovers is just the start, which will then be reflected in our families, society and the world at large. This will create a place where we can live and work, in peace and love.

CBC employee chafes at restrictions set upon him. An analyst’s view…

“A prince of communication” and the CBC, has “a dark shadow of dominance” stepping out unto the limelight.

Big Ears Teddy

The CBC states it has learned of a “specific claim of impropriety” toward one of its employees and will continue investigation, as the prince of communication denies claims of unwanted sexual violence and threatens to sue the CBC for $55 million.

Meanwhile, Carl Jung the psychologist, believed that as we work toward the fulfillment of our potential, we would be led on a spiritual journey towards self-discovery. Perhaps this is the path that has now emerged for the prince. If we are meant to fly, then neither cage nor secrecy is needed – for the prince has openly placed all his cards on the table by opening the door to his private bedroom life of BDSM.

Going beyond domination and defiance, this man appears to be one of life’s true charming romantics, as he appreciates the inner world of fantasy and imagination. From the most mundane situations he can be seen to inject a note of the mythic and the meaningful, for this bright, restless and rebellious personality lives life on the edge, as an adventure, never knowing what lays around the next corner. Often good heated debates will help him to air provocative views and let off some steam, but the idea of being told what to do, and to have to submit to the demands of another with unnecessary restrictions leaves him cold.

His “Gene Keys” highlight issues that are being brought to the table and “oppression” is one such key. (Wikipedia and the Merriam-Webster defines oppression as an exercise of an authority or excessive power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner). If the prince has a willingness to surrender to this pressure of oppression, he will undergo a process of transmutation by living his life totally, as he embraces everything and holds nothing back. He certainly took a quantum leap of risk as he surrendered into his fears and exposed his private life for public view. The lid came off his Pandora’s box as we all started to inspect the contents. It appears he holds back nothing back while embracing everything and whether he is crucified or not, he is currently shining as an example of his Gene Key gift “grace under pressure”. One would imagine he is “suffering” in his total nakedness for all to see, for the emperor himself no longer has clothes. His own personal slice of suffering has now been handed down to him, and whether he has touched our hearts and melted our souls, or not, the suffering that he might have inflicted on others through his Gene Key Shadow of “dominating” behavior is now being brought to the light.

Another shadow prances forth and that is of “ego and pride”. It has an underlying fear of being perceived as powerless, and a natural reaction to that type of discomfort is to seek “a wielding of will” in a situation where one sets himself above another. If one can operate at a higher frequency of this shadow then there is the ability to offer the gift of oneself through love rather than will, so there is no longer an identification with the ego.

Dominance reigns in this profile, as the shadow aspect it pushes down one so the other might rise, and we wonder who in this situation will end up as the victim or victimizer. In the long run, if the gift of synergy is used, trust and goodwill might bring more positive results.

The ultimate Spiritual Lesson of these keys is “Humility”. If one can find a way through the dark forest shadows of “arrogance”, (which holds the skills to control and manipulate others through various factors including a wide web of words), then the realm of “leadership” is entered. As we know, this spin doctor had his fingers on the pulse of the collective with an enormous influence over large numbers of people and became a voice of the collective, a leader whose time had come.

Currently we see the price of communication publicly facing many of his dark shadows and letting them out of the closet for a good cleaning, but will we finally see him reaching up for his highest Gene Key star on his journey in life, which represents the lesson of “Humility”?

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