Icing On The Cake

icing on cake frames


Breaking Down the Walls

The Sandcastle

Outer bodies of lovers embrace
With tongue lickings
On candy canes and flowery sweets
But is it enough
To break open the shell
Of my beautiful sand castle hence
Embellished with scraps
Of coloured glass
And driftwood for it’s defense

The tide will come one day
And sweep it all away
I will be left to dissolve
Back into the sea
My hidden oppression
Transmuted and set free


Prisoner of Guilt

How can there be intimacy
When there is guilt?
Have past wrongs locked shame into the hilt
Is sex at the root of these problems undercover
Is it guilt that makes you feel unworthy
To family, friends and lover

How do you go on living, even loving
When overcome by pain?

I see, you self confine – no involvement
Only casual encounters for superficial sex
The easy push of a button
Like T.V.
Escaping the complex
Momentary distractions
Quick snacks on the run
No time to commit
Just some light-hearted fun


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