If a lifetime is for learning, then spend it learning to love, for this is the reason for life, and the ability to love makes the journey worthwhile


THE PERFECT LOVERSAwakening The Planet and Ourselves Through Intimate Loving and Interconnectedness

To provide information and stay abreast of ways, people and events relating to the topic of love in our society.

Fantasia de Fleurs trained as a analyst with her own individual approach which is supportive and insightful. She offers assessments and personal therapy.

Book 2) The Perfect Lovers – The Wisdom Files
Book 3) The Perfect Lovers – People in Society
Book 4) The Perfect Lovers – Earthchange Diary


Book 1) The Perfect Lovers – A Love Affair Dairy

Inner Work … uncovering your personal shadows and gifts – to improve intimacy and relationships.

Outer Work … “Your Outer World Reflects Your Inner World” and visa versa. The books of the Perfect Lovers show how your inner world is reflected by and in the outer world. You will be left enriched with valuable insight into how you might help improve your relationship and our world through love.


The Perfect Lovers – A Love Affair Diary might change your perspectives, challenge your stereotypes and illuminate your private issues. It is designed to break blocks and barriers in your intimate life as it awakens dark (psychological) shadows and turns them to gold.

These poetic teachings and hidden Gene Keys opens an illustrated diary for inner work to kindle a light in the darkness. it is a process of unfoldment involving an opportunity to re-align as one looks within. Through a process of examining the DNA of a person one can fine-tune the hard wiring and turn it into a gift.

The book “The Love Affair Diary” uses poetic interactions between two lovers to shine a beacon of light to give understanding of how to have profound loving experiences. Expect to encounter psychological, physical and spiritual levels as their thoughts, strategies and emotions align.

A beautifully pictured little red book acts as a magnifying glass to open into the sacredness of our bodies, our sexuality and relationships. For when the world is absorbed in violence, disruption and abuse, if we can reflect and improve upon our own private love life, perhaps we can positively influence the world at large.

Now is time to give expression to your deepest potential by learning about your shadows and recognizing your gifts. I can give you the owner’s manual for your unique highest spiritual connection so no longer will you have to fumble around in the dark through drama, confusion and limited awareness.

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